Client Forms

In order to save time you always have the option to print and fill out the consent forms needed for your particular service prior to your appointment. Just bring them to your scheduled appointment so we have them on file. Once on file, additional paperwork is not needed for future appointments. We only need to update your file if there have been any changes we need to be made aware of. Keep in mind that thoroughly completing the forms is for your saftey and for a more benefical service tailored to your needs and health history. Thank you in advance for your time, engery and effort completing the paperwork.

Forms for your very first visit include: client consent form, client consultation form and the consent form for the particular service you are receiving. 

Don't have the time? No need to worry! It only takes a few mintues to fill out the forms before your appointment we will easily walk you through it!

Client Consent Form
Client Consent - Chemical Peels
Client Consent - Microdermabrasion
Client Consent - Waxing
Client Consultation
Client Skin Analysis
Confidential Client Health History
Confidential Client Health History Update
Health History LED
Informed Consent LED
Microdermabrasion Information
Parental Consent Form
Post-treatment Chemical Peels
Post-treatment Waxing